Moti Brecher is a puppeteer, actor-creator, and teacher, whose main activity focuses on the points of contact between the fields of art, education, stage, and screen. In his works, Brecher uses  puppets designed by him to dramatize performances that combine autobiographical details with political and historical events, in a visual language that draws inspiration from the fields of art and the media.

During his years of activity, Brecher has written and produced dozens of shows and performances for adults and children. He has participated in several museum exhibitions, presented a solo exhibition, initiated and directed community projects. He wrote satirical television sketches and played in the Israeli television series "Srugim" and "Stissel."

Brecher is a graduate of the Excellence Program in Teaching and Art Studies, with an emphasis on digital media in the HaKibbutzim College of Education and graduated with excellence in the Department of Visual Literacy (M.Ed.). His M.A. thesis "Puppets, Monsters and Education" focuses on the subversive use of puppets in the educational T.V. series Sesame Street. He teaches performance at the Thelma Yellin High School of Arts and teaches courses for educators on using performance as a teaching tool.