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The Traveling Theater

During 1999-2009, Moti Brecher and Uzi musician Uzi Feinerman-Ramirez teamed up for an ongoing project: “The Traveling Theater”. While traveling throughout the country, the duo wrote and performed surrealistic, rude, and humorous musical performances, often starring puppets and objects. The Traveling Theater’s shows include “The Last Feast”, “Saffam” (Mustache): an interpretation of the musical "Hair", “Banias”: Adventures of a Hippi camp on the banks of the Banias River in the Galilee, “Rosko”: a glam-rock show, and many others. The shows were often performed in informal settings: in private houses, in nature, in festivals, at clubs, bars, and cafes, and in galleries and art spaces. Some of the spaces include Klal Bar, Tel Aviv, The Third Ear Club, Tel Aviv, the Abraxas Club, Tel Aviv, Norma Jean Club, Tel Aviv, Moby Museum, Bat Yam, Khoj artists residency project, New Delhi, and others.

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