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A nostalgic musical show for children

Moti is the new host of a circus. But a problem occurs…. Moti’s monkey friend Nakanuku can not join him, as there is no entrance for monkeys in the circus. But Nakanuku doesn’t give up. He sneaks in. During the show, Nakanuku can’t help himself and pulls some pranks on the various circus performers. Nankano continues a tradition of literary pranksters looking for their place in society; characters like Pipi Longstrom, Max and Moritz, Hoffman’s Struelpeter, and more. The variety of characters starring in the circus performances also deal with dilemmas and difficulties during the show: The circus cleaning man feels his job does not suit his many years of experience, the magician who suffers from feelings of inferiority due to his low height, the weight lifter who suffers from loneliness and has difficulty bearing the weight of existence, and the bear trainer who fails to teach the unruly bear anything. The children and adults alike can relate and identify with these problems, which are conveyed with humor while combining songs and music that evoke laughter and longing alike.
The show is accompanied by original music composed by Uzi Feinerman-Ramirez.

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