Bauhause Dolls

The show “Bauhaus Dolls” uses an architectural model of the well-known Bauhaus school in Dessau as a set, turning it into a playground: a doll house and puppet theater, where objects come to life. The show reveals the little moments in that crucial point in history, that changed the shape through which we see the world. “Bauhaus Dolls” tells the story of three young female students at the Bauhaus School in Germany during the wild and colorful 1920’s, based on biographies and historical events. Exciting Workshops, avant-guard art, and wild parties are among the things that reshaped their character and work, as they struggled to achieve gender equality and spiritual awakening. The puppet design is inspired by the objects and materials that were used in the school. The changes the characters experience are expressed visually by the metamorphosis the puppets and set go through during the show. The show ends with an abstract choreography that illustrates the dark political forces that hovered above the school at the time, forces that eventually brought to its closure in 1933 by the Nazis. The show was first created as a part of the exhibition “BAUHAUS: our play, our party, our work,” at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.